Friday, July 13, 2007

Let's watch that A-rod made for ESPY mega-drama play out ...

A-rod's out clause is not that common, so we get to see the protocol being defined in real time - baseball time.

The Yanks needed to SAY they are willing to make an exception for A-rod. The gesture looks significant because Yankee policy is never-never to deal until the post-post-post-season.

Then A-Rod/Boras needed to SAY they won't do it until the ex-post. They stoke the competing bids. Nothing under 30M$ per. Years? Until we say so.

Then the Yanks needed to SAY that A-rod needs to decide his Yankee or not to Yankee future before the out clause deadline. The Yanks will not be leveraged if A-rod actually thinks he should get his rings, records and $ as a Los Angeles Angel of Anahiem who plays in Orange County just take the exit after the one for Knotts Berry Farm.

I still think (hope) that the bombers get him back.
I think both A-rod and his current employer know how right it would be for a Yankee to once again personify the most important record in the history of manly simu-combat.

Ruth makes it.
Aaron takes it.
Bonds swipes it. (Swiper no swiping. Oh man!)
A-rod reclaims it.

The papers are just knowing/willing tools in the big build-up to A-rod's MLB redemption/retribution/self-justification slam down media network cash-capital-cow creation for the benefit of baseball usa-usa-usa and that means you too.

I think A-rod knows he's no saint now.
(So) I think A-rod is now allowing himself to get off on all of this. He says he's putting the distractions in a another box. B.S. He now uses the distractions like fire-starters for his utterly en fuego game.

New York loves the NYC brand gigundo-ego who delivers the goods. It only confirms for New Yorkers that there are reasons to live in a town wherein all conversations lead to real estate valuation. Better. Bigger better. The space is cramped, but the man/will-power is colossal. Colossus. Epic Greco-Roman. Anything that happens here is by definition more important. The same accomplishment doesn't even really exist in another supposedly big league town. To borrow the gist of a phrase: When an important baseball record falls in Anaheim, does anybody who's anybody really care?

The tab build-up is all in the hopes that A-rod will get the Mr. May monkey off his back on the way to the hedge fund manager greenback$ bank ex-post the Mr. October coming out party .

'The Bronx is Burning' only reminded me how much the papers stoked the fires of resentment against Reggie Jackson. Yes, the Manager Martin snap in Boston. Yes Jackson pissed off Captain Munson. But the Yanks of '77 ultimately only cared if Jax got his 35+, 100+ and then some more when it really counted. Brando/Pacino: 'It's not personal, just business.' Watch the highlight footage from Game Six of WS 1977. Billy Martin is the first guy on the dugout steps after each of Reggie's clouts: 'That's it meat, come to mama!' And the doc-footage of those same moments reveals Munson standing on the bench, invisable in real time, but in the slo-mo Thurman wears the cheshire smile of the frenemy 'You S.O.B., stir that straw, I'm drinking all night long - and we'll give George the bill!'

If the Yanks get to series '07, I hope A-rod feels his mojo flowin so mo that he even risks a Messier. Goes Namath - says by his actions: 'I was born in this town. The trophy is ours, we just rent it out from time to time. To the big stage takers go the spoils.'

A-rod should want his name in THE BIG GOLDEN BOOK of Ruth-Gehrig-Joe-Mick-Jackson/Munson-Jeter (sorry we had to skip you Donnie) & A-rod.